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Gedit Basic Settings


There are some basic behaviors that can be set under Preferences.  These are the basic settings that I am using.

View Tab

Open Gedit, Go To Edit>Preferences>View Tab.

Text Wrapping

Turning this off just keeps you from missing wrapped comment lines.

Line Numbers

The Go Compiler outputs the line numbers where it finds errors.

Current Line

Easier for these old eyes.

Right Margin

Just a guide line, 80 columns is a left over from card punch days.

Bracket Matching

Handy with these languages that love brackets.


Editor Tab

Go to Edit>Preferences>Editor Tab.

Tab Stops

The Go programming style recommends using tabs rather than spaces.  See:  http://golang.org/doc/effective_go.html

Automatic Indentation

It drives some people crazy, I find it useful.

File Saving

I don’t like losing work.


Fonts & Colors Tab

Go To Edit>Preferences>Fonts & Colors Tab.


I prefer the default simple, Monospace font, it lines up code well and is easy on the eyes.  Check this box, or choose the font you want.


Plugins Tab

This really gets interesting.  See the Plugins Chapter.


Also, In Gedit Go to View

Check the panes in view.

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