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Why This Site?

Google Go is a new computer language under development by Google.  The development team has some of the best and most experienced computer minds of the last 25 years.  The web site is golang.org. When it was first announced, I was especially intrigued with their concept of Go routines and Channels, and I wanted to see if this really was a new paradigm for multi-threaded, multi-tasking programming.  I wanted to see if Go could be applied to a pet project of mine that had stalled because of the tedious, difficult and non-robust nature of other languages in this area.

I created this site to document my progress with the language.  I started with configuring and customizing a text editor to use with Go, since Go does not come with IDE support.  The Chapter ‘Gedit – An IDE for Go’ documents that process so that others may benefit from my efforts in adapting the text editor that comes with the Gnome desktop for Linux.  The site is gradually growing to include additional documentation about using Go.  If fact, the chapters about Gedit include much information about the Go utilities like ‘gofmt’ and ‘godocs’, plus setting up Mercurial version control for your project.  There is supplementary information on Go installation, a links page and a comments area.  In the future, I may include language usage notes and a comprehensive tutorial if there is a need.  The idea is not to duplicate the efforts of the Go team, but to help with the project by supplementing their efforts.  I have no association with Google, but I do wish them well with this project.

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I was recently interviewed by IDC, the full text of the interview can be found at  the Chapter ‘In the news’.

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