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Whats New?

  1. 3     Aug 2011    With gEdit 2.30.4, you can jump to build errors in you code.  See GoBuild.
  2. 5     Jun  2010    Added TortoiseHg Chapter.
  3. 1     Jun  2010    I got around to updating the Gedit – and IDE for Go page with a picture of my setup, and put it back on the front page
  4. 2    Mar 2010    Added new entry page ‘Go Help’.
  5. 2    Mar 2010    Article picked up by more outlets, including PC World.
  6. 28 Feb  2010    Yours Truly was interviewed awhile back by Juan Carlos Perez of IDC News Service about Go.  The article has come out in several online newspapers.  The links to the articles and the full text of the interview are under the section ‘In The News’.
  7. 4   Feb  2010    Added link to installation instructions for Go on Suse Linux, see links page.
  8. 29 Jan  2010    Finally added the first two chapters on version control.
  9. 29 Jan  2010    Added Installation Notes chapter – to help with common installation problems.
  10. 25 Jan  2010    Added Snippets, for code prompting, to Plugins page.
  11. 4   Jan  2010    Go Build V2, Go Run V2, Go Doc V2 – all new, with many more options.
  12. 3   Jan  2010    Go Format V2, completely revised.  Acts as it should.  More options.  See Go Format V2 Chapter.
  13. 18 Dec 2009    Added a Documentation Chapter.
  14. 17 Dec 2009    Added a ‘More Plugins’ Chapter under “Basic Setup’.  Some very useful additions.  Thanks to befelemepeseveze on the ‘Gedit – An IDE for Go’ thread at golang-nuts.
  15. 17 Dec 2009    Added Manage External Tool Language Box explanation to Go Format, Go Build and Go Run.  Thanks to Joan on the ‘Gedit – An IDE for Go’ thread at golang-nuts.
  16. 17 Dec 2009    Added Go Format V2 – much more functionality.
  17. 16 Dec 2009    See Go Run V2 – for a pop up terminal for output.

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